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Personal Tax Preparation

WeMaxTax Personal Tax Preparation Services are here for you. Our goal is to get you more money back than your previous tax returns.

Business Tax Preparation

WeMaxTax are here to help, small businesses,medium businesses, or even large businesses we can do it all, and we can get you what you deserve.

Accounting & Book Keeping

WeMaxTax Accounting/Bookkeeping Services are here to keep record of any financial accounts, and or any tax information that can benefit you on your tax returns.

Payroll Services

WeMaxTax Payroll Services helps you determine if you are able to pay money to federal payroll services that will later help you receive a more rewarding return.


WeMaxTax is here to make everyone feel welcomed and so our spanish speaking Tax Specialists tend to do just that helping you get through your taxes from beginning to end.

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Personal Tax Preparation

Business Tax Preparation


Exceptional service! Wonderful energy! It was a pleasure working with all the individuals in the facility. You all took it to the MAX! I will be coming back and will refer everyone to this service. I was also surprised to be invited to their customer appreciation brunch! They filled my pockets then filled my belly!
Mrs. Claytor
Washington, D.C.
We Max Tax is the best tax preparer I've ever used . They were knowledgeable and professional. I have recommended them to all my family and coworkers!!!
Mr. Moore Jr.
Richmond, CA
I can't ever simply refer to Velisa as my "tax lady". She is a dear friend to our family. The support and information she provides us with allows us to make choices that will grow and benefit our family. That type of service is priceless!
Mrs. E. Armstrong
Las Vegas, NV
I would like to thank Velisa for the opportunity to be a tax preparer! Great way to make extra income for a few months out of the year! I learned so much from her compared to what I thought I knew! Thank you Velisa!
Las Vegas, NV
I want to thank Velisa and her staff for their great tax service, very pleasant and professional to work with. This is my third year with their service and I will return for a fourth year. And they feed you, I was even able to take home a plate from the customer appreciation brunch.
Mo Moore
Oakland, CA
Ms. JW was so great!!! She's very professional and always had a smile on her face. She finished my taxes quick and easy and my return was back within 2 weeks!!
Las Vegas, NV
I was getting my taxes done by HR Block for years. Last year I decided to break away from them and give WEMAXTAX a try. Let me tell you, the folks over there really "MAX" your tax returns!!
Mr. G. Nelson
Benicia, CA
I truly enjoyed my experience with WeMaxTax. They were friendly and professional, they got me a tax return that I was totally satisfied with. I'm sure I will experience the same satisfaction for many years to come... Thank You WeMaxTax!!!!!!
S. Tanner
Las Vegas, NV
I have been getting my taxes done for some years. This is the first time I really felt that my taxes were handled with my concerns. They took the time to make sure I understood the pros and cons and the best choices to benefit me. I am so blessed to have this company to do my taxes for the remaining years of my working life. Kudos to the team. One satisfied customer.
The Scotts
Las Vegas, NV
Joel was very helpful throughout the entire process. She was always available and very attentive, not only with myself but with the others that I came with. I'm very pleased and am looking forward to working with you again! Thank you 🙂
Miss D.
Las Vegas, NV
WeMaxTax did exactly what they said they would do, Maximized my tax return. Velisa is so knowledgeable and I want to thank her for being super professional as well. In this day and time we live in, That Matters! Thank you Velisa!
Pleasenton, CA
If you are not using WeMaxTax service you are doing something wrong! I've been a customer for 2 years. This customer service is amazing, friendly, and always professional. They will definitely make sure they get you maximum.
Las Vegas, NV

About Us

It’s okay not to know the deductions you deserve... That’s where we come in!

WEMAXTAX  knows the deductions you deserve!

We are here to minimize your taxable income and MAXIMIZE your refund! We take the stress that surrounds taxes away from you with ease. With our preparation fees being affordable and our returns being sizeable, you may be able to finally: buy that purse you’ve been wanting, take a vacation, buy a car, or even put a down payment on a house (which is a tax reduction in itself)!






Velisa Johnson is the owner of WEMAXTAX. Velisa Johnson is a mother, educator, REALTOR, and tax preparer. With her experiences as an educator equipping her with a thirst for knowledge, and her being tired of paying for tax preparations and never being satisfied with her returns, she learned how to prepare taxes from one of the best tax preparers in the industry. Subsequent her training, Velisa Johnson bought into a franchise where she witnessed customers being overcharged. With the accumulation of these experiences, Velisa Johnson launched her own tax preparation business.  Resulting from Velisa Johnson implicating tax code in her tax preparing business, her customers are  continuously satisfied. Velisa Johnson wanted to help the ordinary taxpayer  enjoy the same benefits as the wealthy. To make certain that she was applying every tax reduction and credit possible to each individual client, she studied the tax code.  Velisa Johnson’s model is: stop leaving the meat on the bone.

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